Welcome to the world of Successkid!

Where every small step can lead to success, inspired by the iconic “Success Kid” meme!

Join our vibrant community on a journey of triumph, where we embrace the spirit of determination, celebrate each victory, and together, overcome the odds.

History of Success Kid Meme

Success Kid is an Internet meme featuring a baby clenching a fistful of sand with a determined facial expression. It began in 2007 and eventually became known as "Success Kid".

The popularity of the image led CNN to describe Sammy Griner, the boy depicted in the photo, as "likely the Internet's most famous baby".


The Power of Positivity

SKID Coin isn't just another meme coin; it's a beacon of positivity in a sometimes turbulent crypto sea. With every transaction, every hodl, and every meme shared, we're spreading smiles and uplifting spirits across the Solana ecosystem.

SKID Gives Back Initiative

We aim to continue Sammy Griner's legacy back in 2015 where he helped raised funds for his father's kidney transplant thru the Success Kid meme. So for every milestone that we reach, the community has pledged to give back to those in need either through charity organizations, NGO's, foundations, or personal donations.

So far we have donated to (Save the Children Org and National Kidney Foundation.)
1st Donation 2nd Donation


  • 0%/0%

    No Tax

    Solana in general have 0/0 taxes which means that you can swap SKID without any deduction on your purchase.

  • 88.88M


    There will ever only be 88.88M supply of SKID and there is no mint function that means that 88.88M is the maximum supply.

  • 100%

    Liquidity Burnt

    100% of the initial liquidity is burnt forever and can never be accessed by anyone.

Elon Tweeted

  • Elon 1st Tweet

    June 30, 2023 Here

  • Elon 2nd Tweet

    Sept 14, 2023 Here

  • Elon 3rd Tweet

    Sept 15, 2023 Here

  • Elon 4nd Tweet

    Very Soon?

Giving Back to the OG Success Kid (Wallet tracker)

The community has saved $SKID tokens (currently 45700 and worth $3500 USD) for Sammy Griner the OG Success Kid. This is saved for him and he can claim it anytime he wants. Our main goal is to breach $10B Market Cap that would make the tokens worth around $5M+ USD.


Check out our ambitious plans: as we go, we’ll tick the points until we’re there. What next? More daring exploits!

  • 0% Launch

    Launch on the Solana blockchain. Burn 100% liquidity and revoke contract ownership and mint function.

  • 10% Initial Adoption

    Build initial community adopters with a good belief in the project.

  • 15% Listings

    Listings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and tracking on all sites.

  • 20% Tier 2 or 3 Exchange Listings

    Listing on Biconomy and Bitmart (plus more Tier-2 Exchanges)

  • 25% Starting a Success movement

    SKID is not only meant to be a token, but a movement of like-minded individuals with the same goal: TO SUCCEED.

  • 30% Global marketing campaigns

    Aggressive marketing across the globe including Guerilla Marketing, Traditional Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

  • 35% Real-world adoption

    Collaboration with real-life merchants to allow $SKID payments adding real value to $SKID.

  • 40% Long-term Partnership

    Forging partnerships with high-quality individuals, projects, and KOLs.

  • 50% Reach the first $1

    With only 88M supply, the first step of the ladder is to reach $1 value for SKID which is around $88M Market Cap.

  • 60% Viral Marketing

    As the popularity of the SKID token grows, viral and out of the box marketing will be strategically initiated.

  • 70% Tier-1 Central Exchanges

    Tier-1 Central Exchanges listings (You already know them).

  • 80% First $10 Memecoin

    We want to be the first ever memecoin to reach $10 per SKID and this is a testament to how people value $SKID as a digital currency.

  • 90% Unicorn Status

    Reach our first ever billion dollar market cap making $SKID a unicorn.

  • 100% Loading...


How to be a SKID?

  • Be part of community

    Be updated with our latest activities and immerse yourself with the community

  • Stay Optimistic

    We always see to it that we remain positive despite of the price action and continue working as one.

  • Stay Calm and HODL

    Being a success kid means staying calm when people are panicking and HODL'ing the fort.

  • Stay Consistent

    Success is not easy, but nothing is, the main key to be successful is doing the small things and being consistent with it.

  • HOW
    To BUY


    Install Phantom Wallet on Chrome or the App Store, and create a new wallet.


    Buy SOL from the Phantom wallet or use an exchange like Coinbase to deposit into your wallet.


    Via Raydium, swap your SOL for $SKID tokens using the official contract address 9X2RHtKrBzw3SLYe9E88cBd1kz5RfU1f4JTSn4aRH43d

  • 4. DONE

    You are now be part of SKID! Strap on to your SKID because we Are flying to the moon!

  • 5. HOLD

    HOLD and lets fly to the moon together!

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Wait, I need to know

  • What is the goal of Success Kid $SKID?

    The main goal of Success Kid (SKID) is to inspire people to never give up and to strive for success not only in crypto but in life. $SKID is not just a token but a movement.

  • Where can I buy SKID?

    You can currently buy SKID via Raydium, Jupiter, Biconomy, and soon Bitmart.

  • Does SKID intend to work with the OG Success Kid and his family?

    Yes, we have allocations saved for the Griner family and specifically Sammy Griner himself. Currently we have around 44,000 tokens saved for Sammy that he may claim anytime.

  • Who drives the Success Kid project?

    Success Kid is a fully community driven project and all initiatives are led by the community.